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Special event

Week 1

Results Updated

Track_20160518The new championships started last night so it was week 1 of 15 with the best 12 to count. We’re still getting a lot of new faces walking through the door and some of those guys have now bought cars so we look forward to seeing you all on the track soon 🙂 No computer issues this week which was a nice contrast to a week ago 😡

Last Weekend…

So the hall had an open day to showcase to the locals what activities and clubs use the hall on a regular basis and we were there in force.

openday1There was a steady stream of people walking through the door and we got to show all the locals what we as a club are all about. We also found the time to have some tea and make some silly faces…

openday2Sorry Dave 😛

Then disaster strikes, and the laptop power supply dies on us thus ending our video display. Dave steps in to try and fix it first…

openday3The softly, softly approach wasn’t working so Ollie steps it up a notch…

openday4There’s nothing quite like smashing electronics with a hammer to bring a smile to your face 😉

openday6Ultimately his efforts would prove in vein, but we all appreciated the effort 🙂

openday5Oh go on Nes, give him a cuddle…

So that was our Saturday. I bet it was more exciting than yours… 😛

Merry Christmas!

Ho… Ho… Ho!

What an excellent turnout last night for the Christmas festivities. Lots of people and a ton of food 🙂 We hope you all enjoyed youselves and a huge thank you from all of us to all of you for supporting the club throughout the year! Thanks also the XtremeRC and Ralls Racing for their continued support of the club.

No racing next week and we look forward to seeing you all back 6th of January 2016 with your shiney new 2016 BRCA membership cards 😛

20151223_202121A banquet fit for a king

20151223_202152Endurance time…

20151223_202234The enchanted forest

20151223_202608Poser of the year?


20151223_203402Team spirit a plenty

20151223_203813Marshall giving a good left hook!

20151223_205027Endurance still going!

20151223_214312Your faithful servants! Thank you for wine, chockies and flowers 🙂

20151223_221750Tag team racing

20151223_194049Team 1

20151223_194132Team 2

20151223_194212Team 3 (A.K.A The winning team!)

20151223_194254Team 4

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the FORCC 🙂

Double Trouble?

Results Updated

Track_20140204Not all the regular truckers were there this week and we still had 2 heats of trucks…

Winter Series Round 5

Just over a week to go until round 5.

Congratulations to Kyle…

…for beating some of Europes finest (oh, and Nathan 😉 ) over in Belgium last weekend at the Euro Indoor Race. Just to add insult to injury he does it in 2WD and 4WD. Somebody get him a short course so he can do the Triple next year 😯


Looks like you might have your own groupie there Kyle 😆

Winter Series Round 4


Results from today added and the Winter Series Championships have been updated.

WS2014R4TrackA fantastic day today and once again there were some great battles throughout the field with some of the Juniors had an exceptional day 🙂 Well done everyone and roll on Round 5 where I may live to regret buying a certain Junior some new tyres…

343 Days Until Christmas…

Results updated

New 2WD, 4WD & SCT championships have been created. Buggies are the usual 12 from 15. The SCT will run all year and be best 9 from 12 based on running the first wednesday of each month. I’ve also started the Wednesday Night Heroes for both 2 & 4WD and like last year, we’ll keep it a surprise until the winner is announced 🙂

Winter Series Round 4

Round 4 is this Sunday. Doors open at 7 for those helping out. 8 for everyone else.

2014-15 Winter Series Dates

Here are the dates for the 2014-2015 FORCC Winter Series:

Round 1 – 26/10/14

Round 2 – 23/11/14

Round 3 – 28/12/14

Round 4 – 18/01/15

Round 5 – 15/02/15

Round 6 – 15/03/15

Best 4 from 6 to count


2WD, 4WD and Short Course Trucks.


Boughton Village Hall