Week 12

Results updated

Track_20150325Quite tight in places but a great track nonetheless.

If anyone is in touch with Sam Jefferies, can they remind him that Alfie still has one of our transponders… Cheers 🙂


The regionals kick off this weekend with the first round of 2WD at Maritime.

Week 11

Results Updated

Alan gave me the ‘Definitive’ list of club members this week and I have updated the race software to match that list. I de-membered everyone and then only added in those people who were on the list. Non-members will no longer be scoring points in the Wednesday championships. What I haven’t done yet is retrospectively remove non-members from previous rounds but I will do that once we get to round 15. Anyone that has witnessed Alan doing booking in will realise that there is a strong possibility that one or more people may have been left off the list. If you’re a member but no longer scoring points, let us know next week.

And finally, just to correct a piece of misinformation that was given out on Wednesday. Paying the £1 non-member race suppliment each week will not qualify you for the championship. Sorry for any confusion caused by that.

Come in number 7, your time is up!

Results Updated

Track_201503117 Heats, Loads of regulars missing and 2 new members! Welcome Patric & Paul 🙂 . I’m still waiting on the definitive list of club members from the club chairman so there are still a few people that need to be added to or removed from the championship. I’ll get that sorted as soon as I have the names.

The Naughty Step…

So it was always going to happen at some point, but the first of the new club transponders made a bid for freedom last night. I guess we can forgive the culprit since I’m not sure he’s actually old enough to go to school yet but his dad on the other hand… 😉

All the club handouts have my phone number on them so you can just drop me a txt to let me know you’ve got it once you’ve realised you’ve forgotten to return it.

Winter Series – The 6th and Final Round

The Final round of this years winter series is this Sunday. The track build will be Sunday morning so as usual we’ll appreciate the early birds coming to help get setup for the day. Doors open from 7. As it’s the final round, we will be giving out the championship prizes at the end of the meeting.