Week 12

Results Updated

Track_20151028More new people this week which is always good to see 🙂

Next week is Truck week & the following Sunday is the Winter Series Round 2

Week 10

Results Updated

Track_20151014After the insanity of truck week last week, we were finished nice and early this week 🙂 The Walking Dead was back this week, and I don’t just mean the TV sensation… Get some sleep Nathan!

Lots of new faces at the club over the last few weeks which is great to see. One new chap in particular was out marshalling for whole evening! Well done you and we thank you for your dedication 😯


Winter Series Round 1

Winter Series Results Updated

Track_20151011The 2015-16 FORCC Winter Series kicked off today 🙂 44 Drivers accross 4 classes 😯 Fantastic! Thank you to everyone that came and supported the club today. Darren was taking lots of videos on his new go pro. I’ll add a link once I find them online…

Weeks 6 to 9

Results Updated

Track_20151007What a busy night. 48 drivers over 8 heats 😯 . Results from the the last 4 weeks are now available 🙂

We found a 12v leisure battery in the car park after Wednesday. We’ve got it under the stage in case it belonged to a club member.

Winter Series Starts THIS WEEKEND!

Round 1 of the infamous FORCC Winter Series starts this Sunday (11/10/15). Doors open from about 7 for track building. Practice from about 8 with racing kicking off at 9:30. There will be 4 rounds of qualifying followed by 3 leg finals for all!


CBBC Invitation – Airmageddon

Hi All,

No results again this week. Why are school open evenings always on Wednesdays??? Anyway, the club has received an email from a TV production company looking for 9 to 14 year olds to appear on a new ‘Drone’ based show for CBBC. It looks quite interesting if any of our younger members are interested…


My name’s Rosie, I’m an assistant producer at a CBBC production company called Airmageddon Productions. I was hoping to chat to you about a new CBBC series we are currently making, and if there would be any way in which we could reach out to the members of your Radio Car group, in the hopes that some of them may be parents of children aged 9 – 14, with an interest in remote control technology.

The new series is called Airmageddon is a major new Drone-based, entertainment series from the makers of Robot Wars. We are now searching the country for fearless and tech savvy children, preferably with an interest in remote controlled cars / flying models, to take part and show off their robot design / flying skills in our large studio arena – in the ultimate test of aerial skill!

Each ‘pilot’ will be joined by a friend or relative of any age who will become their Wing Man or Woman and will provide an extra pair of eyes and tactical support as they navigate the flying circus. We’d love to receive some applications from your club?

You can find an application form and more info on the CBBC website here:


Applications close on the 23rd October.

I’m looking forward to finding out if you are able to send this information on to your club members, you never know, some of them might be up for the challenge J

Thank you so much for taking the time to have a read of this email. I’m looking forward to hearing from you – fingers crossed!

Best wishes,


Rosie Knott | Airmageddon | Assistant Producer

T: 0207 841 2739

E: Rosie.knott@airmageddon.co.uk

A: 4th Floor – Office 409, 88 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6AA