Week 1 – FTQ

Results Updated

So in the run up to Christmas we’ll have a few non-championship meetings and we’ll mix up the format a little just to keep you on your toes 😛 . This week was FTQ Qualifying. Next week is Truck week and regardless of what format the buggies are running, the Trucks will run to the Normal round by round qualifying since it’s the 12th and final round of the championship.

Edit: I’ve just spotted the SCT championship hasn’t been updated for a couple of months. I’ll get that sorted out at the weekend. – Done 30/11/15

Next Wednesday (2/12/15)

For those of you that missed last night (and a reminder for those that were there), we asked for as many people as possible to get there for 6PM to help get the Astroturf out. The Astroturf isn’t on the stage, it’s in the back room 😯 which means it’s a lot harder to get to. We also need extra bodies to stay behind at the end to help put it back into the back room at the end of the evening… Please 🙂 We will also need to do the same the following week to get it out again but it will go back onto the stage as normal afterwards.

I will gently remind you that the only reason the meeting wasn’t just cancelled was because people volunteered to be there for 6 to help…

BRCA Membership Renewal:


Your BRCA membership will expire in 36 days…


Don’t leave it to the last minute. I did mine online a couple of weeks ago and the membership cards took about a week to arrive. If you don’t want to do it online, you can download the form, print it off and post it along with a cheque. If you have an old-skool short membership number that you want to keep, you must renew by the end of this year to keep it!

Dates for your diaries…

2/12/156PM Start for getting the Astro out, Truck week, Non-championship buggies.

9/12/156PM Start for getting the Astro out, Non-championship.

13/12/15 – Winter Series Round 3

16/12/15 – Non-championship

23/12/15Christmas Team Meeting

30/12/15 – NO RACE MEETING

6/1/16 – New championships start, Truck Week & 2016 BRCA Membership REQUIRED

Winter Series Round 2

Winter Series Results Updated

Track_20151108Thank you all for coming today. Once again we had 40+ drivers spread across the 4 classes which is a great turnout.

poppyfieldIt was of course Remembrancer Sunday today so thank you all for observing the 2 minute silence.

We also managed to take some time out to watch the finale of the MotoGP Season.


BRCA Membership Renewal:

Your BRCA membership will expire in 53 days…



Week 13

Results Updated

Track_20151104Another busy week including the mayhem that is Truck week 😛

Winter Series Round 2 – This Sunday

Doors open @ 7am for the early birds comming to help setup. Practice from about 8 and we’ll aim to be racing by 9:30. Subject to any issues on the day, we’ll aim for 4 qualifiers and 3 finals for ALL 🙂