Results Updated

So the new booking in and practice system has been running for a few weeks now and on the whole it seems to be working quite well but there are a few people who haven’t quite got the hang of the marshalling after you practice aspect of the system… Please don’t make us chase around looking for practice marshalls and please remember to return your practice token to the grey bucket on the stage before you practice.

Any Juniors not in the Junior Championships, let me know and I’ll add you in 😃

Out and about…

EPR 2WD Regional this Sunday

Week 10

Results Updated

A nice quiet evening with just the 6 heats. Pouring with rain outside but plenty warm enough inside. Good luck to everyone heading over to the National at TORCH this weekend and it’s the 2WD Regional at EPR next weekend.

Week 8

Results Updated

Another super busy truck week setting a new club record of 9 heats . Obviously that’s a bit of a double edged sword. Great for racing but not so good for going home early . Next truck week we will shave some time off practice to get started earlier.

Out and about:

It’s your last chance to get some carpet action in down at 1066 this Sunday before they move outside for the Summer as it’s round 1 of the 2WD Regional championship.