Week 5

Results Updated

Another super busy week with 8 heats again… Next week is truck week and if we don’t want to be finishing at midnight, we will have to start earlier…

We are aiming to start racing by 7:30 next week!

Please book in promptly upon arrival. There will either be a very short practice or no practice at all!

Keep On Trucking!

Stadium trucks alive and kicking at Barham last weekend 🙂

Week 4

Results Updated


Another great turnout for a Regional event last weekend down at 1066. This is looking like being one of the best supported South-East Regionals in years 🙂

Out and about…

Barham Summer Series this Sunday

Week 2

Results Updated

It was great to see so many people up at Barham at the weekend for the Regional. Well done to Les, Bob and Darren for a well run meeting 🙂


Week 1

Results Updated

(Including the SCT championship which hadn’t been updated since January…)

Tried a different point of view for the video this week.

Note to self, remember the laptop power supply next time so you can record more than 5 heats…


It’s the Barham 4WD Regional this Sunday. It’s not too late to get involved if you missed the first 4WD at 1066!