Week Something Or Other

Results Updated

So the new championship started last week but due to ‘Motorgate’ we’re going to scrap last week and this week will now become week 1. I need to reset the championships on the laptop before I can publish them so they will go up next week. The results from last night are up but ignore the Week 2 header as it will become week 1 as far as the championship is concerned.

Thank you to everyone that has made the switch and last night we had a mix of 7.5, 8.5, 10.5 and 13.5 turn motors spread throughout the heats.  We know there are a few drivers holding out for an open class but they will be disappointed. We don’t want to mix championship and non-championship drivers together or add another heat just for a couple of cars as it’s not really fair on everyone else. I was in heat 4 and watched marshalled heat 5 and I saw some of the closest racing I’ve seen there for quite some time. If we all stick with it, we’re in for some great races over the coming weeks and months 🙂 Don’t be offended if we keep asking you what motor you are running when you book in and subsequently come round to check you weren’t mistaken! It’s nothing personal… Honest… 😉

One last thing, no practice token means no practice. Practice heats are capped at 8 cars maximum to prevent the chaos we used to have of everybody struggling to find clear track to practice on. It really is in your own best interest to work within this system 🙂