Week 15

Results Updated

And The Winners Are…

Another 15 weeks has come and gone in the blink of an eye which means we must have some new champions! Congratulations to…

In 2WD, Neil Gavin followed by Matthew Peters and Tim Harrop

PosNameScoreRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Rnd 8Rnd 9Rnd 10Rnd 11Rnd 12Rnd 13Rnd 14Rnd 15
1Neil Gavin11941009910010098959910099100971009799100
2Matthew Peters11789694999994939698989999981009898
3Tim Harrop1168979189979792979997979699969799
4Jon Peters1136958992989196959492989496909294
5Michael Blaize1116908887959091929594969293939392
6Hattie Tames11028883868889878895949590959697
7Adrian Barrett11008786949286939388939391929193
8Alan Moon1084909387888992909588879095
9Andy Johnson1061858593859191869289918390
10Martin Reeves1053868485868385898784888592948888

In 4WD, Dave Andrews followed by Martin Hayes and Ollie Tames

PosNameScoreRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Rnd 8Rnd 9Rnd 10Rnd 11Rnd 12Rnd 13Rnd 14Rnd 15
1Dave Andrews1193981009910010010010096991001009410097
2Martin Hayes1181100989897989796979710010099100
3Verner Vonk1172969996999998959497989997969698
4Richard Baker11719797989699941009896999998
5Michael Blaize1168959895979796979893969898979799
6Dean Heggs11229493929395939090929595909496
7John Anderson11189293949494949291909293929395
8Mickey Mower10189394929291929194929394
9Jay Psaila95296979695969394959892
10Elliott Blaize7269192939187889391

Top 2WD Junior, Matthew Peters

Top 4WD Junior, Elliott Blaize

The next 4 weeks will non-championship but next week is Truck week round 3.

Out And About…

The final round of EPR’s Winter Championship is this Sunday

Week 14

Results Updated

Club Transponders

Just a friendly reminder that the club owned yellow transponders are not intended to be used long term. If you’ve been with us long enough to consider yourself a regular and you are using a club handout transponder, please consider purchasing your own personal transponder in the near future thus freeing up the your club transponder for other people to use. We didn’t have enough thisevening…