Week C

The transponders have been ordered from MRT and will hopefully be with us soon. They will be £40 each. About 10 people put their names down for one and we have 15 coming so there are a few spares if anyone is interested. Thanks to everyone that returned their club transponder this week. If you have one of the club owned yellow transponders, please return it on your next visit. The yellow transponders should not leave the building in your possession. As a way of saying thank you for your co-operation, here is a picture of my cat 😉

Alf the cat

Week B

Results Updated

We’ve started recalling all of the club handout transponders this week just to make sure they can all be accounted for. If you have any please bring them with you next time to come to the club and return them to Dave when you book in. We’re getting another batch of transponders in to sell in the next week or so. Price to be confirmed.

Week A, Truck Week, EPR and a New Server

Results Updated

It’s non-championship for the 4 weeks of March and round 1 of the new championship will start on the 3rd of April.

It was however the 3rd week of the Truck championship 🙂

New server for the FORCC website

Over the last couple of days I’ve had to migrate the club website onto a new server as our old provider was closing down. The move is now complete but there may still be a few quirks I haven’t found yet. The server change has to propergate it’s way around the internet so you may experience issues accessing the sight fully over the next couple of days.

And the Winner Is (at EPR)

EPR put on a great Winter Series over the past 6 months which was well supported by a lot of FORCC regulars. The final round was last weekend and it would see local XRay legends Matthew and Nathan taking top honors in 2WD and 4WD respectfully.

EPR Winter Series 2018-2019 Juniors