4WD Regional Results

The final round of this years 4WD Regional Series was held last Sunday which means there is a Regional Champion (in 4WD). Congratulations to Ed Kerry on taking the Regional title by just 2 points over Nathan Ralls followed by Matthew Peters in 3rd. There’s still 1 more round to go in 2WD where the title is still up for grabs…

PosDriverBRCA No.Rd 1     1066Rd 2   EPRRd 3   BarhamRd 4   PloughBest 3Total
1Ed Kerry7488099101101301301
2Nathan Ralls1261101999999299398Veteran
3Matthew Peters1066397979597291386Under 16
4Luke Mills16087598939795290383
5Will Johnson19109996900285285
6Sam Jeffery835382949198283365
7John Barnes208892094274274Veteran
8Jamie Pickles1668192719386271342
9Richard Thorpe1600979508293270270
10Stuart Band1606150908888266266Veteran
11Stephen Fry111989388800261261
12Mark Balson16011583798692261340
13Harriet Tames16084180847896260338Under 16
14Callum Miles1513439095072257257
15Shareef Qureshi2183686877384257330Veteran
16Callum Terry16030585668189255321
17Richard Baker160197908590254254
18Steve Davies16122574918470249319
19Martin Walters201310463978837687248324
20Jon Peters74987807980247326Veteran
21Darren Lewis306610778383243243Veteran
22Nick Harwood17123484787479241315
23Steve Andrews84840867181238238Veteran
24Joshua Preston17213070727785234304Under 16
25Phil Craddock1704706982082233233Veteran
26Ollie Tames826476737575226299Veteran
27Sam Cook18027077756573225290
28Tom Jones216636481076221221
29Oliver Langley17114068556978215270Under 16
30Ian Parker16062073657069212277
31Alfie Jeffery16346167646677210274Under 13
32Chris Langley16277972596367202261
33David Poulter89240100980198198
34Elle Dale1812120675971197197Under 16
35James Dale1811880636866197197
36Simon Helson1719336570610196196
37Matt Moriarty18207061616768196257
38Ross Nicholson152449960920188188
39Cayden Stenhouse1903730546265181181Under 13
40Tommy Dale1813780575864179179Under 13
41Evie Tames16083960585661179235Under 13
42Steven Wilkinson16080910870178178
43Steve Brooke6394668500151151Super Veteran
44Andy Maton6161089600149149Veteran
45David Church10569076720148148Veteran
46David Proctor150802074074148148
47Kane Wood2918756900144144
48Iain Groom106030626000122122
49Megan Help190572005462116116Under 16
50Jeremy Ault151344056570113113
51George Tollman17048009609696
52=Christopher Delves3826009409494
52=John Watters162840940009494
54Mark Rogers?????000919191
55=Demetri Panayides161186008908989
55=Ben Winters16481890008989
57Andrew Coley153083810008181
58Michael Blaize164009710007171Veteran
59Mark Andrews161817068006868
60Jay Psaila?????006406464
61=Les Help30443630006363Veteran
61=Tim Fry3432000636363
63Martin Broad171044062006262
64Robert Johnson?????590005959
65Lee Carter?????005505555
66Paul Huckstep?????005305353
67James McClymont163032005205252
68Bob Hannington3585005105151Super Veteran
69Mark Hainsworth?????005005050
70Bradley Kerry275732004904949Under 13
71Gary Burchett?????004804848
72Honey Mae Miles190919004704747Under 13

August Shutdown…

Results Updated

In order to give your hardworking chairman some well earned nap time, we will not be running any race meetings during August. July meetings are on as normal (non-championship) and we’ll be back on September the 4th which will be round 1 of the new championship and Truck Week.

Looking for something to fill the void?

While we’re taking a well earned rest, Barham have offered to step in and run some meetings on Wednesday evenings if there is enough interest. Get in touch with Les and let him know if you would like to go πŸ™‚

Barham Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/431956213524739/

One point to rule them all…

(15/7/19 – Sorry for the delayed update but it was out of my hands. There was an issue with the server preventing me from updating the site and it’s only just been resolved πŸ™ )

Results Updated

Another 15 weeks has been and gone in the blink of a eye which means there must be some winners to congratulate! Both championships were won by just a single point which goes to show just how close it is at the top at the moment.

In 2WD we have a new name for the top spot in the form of Matthew Peters, followed by Neil Gavin in 2nd and some chap called Jon in 3rd.

In 4WD, we have a repeat offender in the top spot in the form of Richard Baker, followed by Dave Andrews in 2nd and Michael Blaize in 3rd.

Congratulations to you all and roll on the next championship πŸ™‚ As is the tradition now, we will run a few weeks of non-championship before we get going again.


PosNameScoreRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Rnd 8Rnd 9Rnd 10Rnd 11Rnd 12Rnd 13Rnd 14Rnd 15
1Matthew Peters119099969795971009910098100999910099100
2Neil Gavin11891009998991009998999999989799100
3Jon Peters1155989894979493949795989196939698
4Hattie Tames1119978595919589969793949493
5Michael Blaize1110969388888689929292948889909897
6Mark Balson110992979190939091949288928899
7Alan Moon1101949290878987909091909091959791
8Adrian Barrett10879391868984868888909390919296
9Callum Terry107387769288868293888492989192
10Jodie Moon1052888982848280798787928587948988


PosNameScoreRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Rnd 8Rnd 9Rnd 10Rnd 11Rnd 12Rnd 13Rnd 14Rnd 15
1Richard Baker11931001001001001009898100981009710099
2Dave Andrews119297999999999910098100991009999100
3Michael Blaize117996979798989799100999899989997
4Jay Psaila11659898989497100999897949498
5Dean Heggs11519496969696949596951009796
6John Anderson112892939593959395949690929694
7Mark Hainsworth11079188919389939490929191949691
8Verner Vonk10639997929697979797969798
9Elliott Blaize10239094929193939394959593
10Lee Carter7589195969694959695