Week 4

Results Updated

There were a few new faces at the club this week which was great to see so welcome to you guys. Hopefully prize giving will be next week 🙂

Week 2

Results Updated

Thanks to everyone that helped out last night in one form or another in the absence of our ilustrious leader and his family. It was much appreciated.

The biggest thanks though go to Adrian for breaking his shock and keeping all the oil in it! You sir… are a true Gentleman 😉

OK, well, nearly all…

Welcome Back, Week 1

Results Updated

With the Summer break over, it was good to get back into the swing of things with week 1 of the new championship. Prize giving for the last championship will be in a couple of weeks once the Moons are back. I’ve gone though the database updating who the Juniors are. If you know of any Juniors that are not showing up in the Junior championships, please let me know and I’ll get it sorted.

All hands on deck…

Next week The Moons and The Andrews will be missing so we’ll need some early bird help in getting set up and maybe a few more to help pack away out at the end please 🙂