Week 1 / Happy Prize Giving

Results Updated

The new championship started this week which means the 7.5T motor limit is in effect and the rear Schumacher U6786 Block tyres must be used and if you would like to be eligible for a prize at the end, you must compete in 12 out of the 15 rounds.

Truck week round 2 next week.


It was prize giving for the last championship and for the 2019 Truck championship last night. Congratulations to all our winners 🙂

2019 Short Course Truckers

2WD Juniors



Quite Hypnotic…

New Championship Starts Next Week

Results Updated

Playtime’s over so it’s back to the championships from next week and if you’re all very good, Uncle Al will give out the prizes for the previous championship too 🙂

Since we are back to championships next week, don’t forget that we have a 7.5T motor limit and Shumacher block control tyres on the rear… We will be checking to make it fair for everybody.

Week D

Results Updated

Last week of non-championship next before the Spring Championship starts on the 29th.

Good luck to all the FORCC Regulars heading up to the Grand Prix this weekend

Happy New Year :-)

Results Updated

A nice quiet race meeting to bring in the New Year. What more could you want? Truck week next week and don’t forget to get those BRCA Memberships renewed for 2020… 😉