NO RACING NEXT WEEK – 12th April 2017

Please spread the word. Sorry for the short notice but we only found out this week. The driveway up to the hall is being resurfaced 😃

Results Updated

Another busy week with the number of entries topping the 50 mark. We had a quick drivers briefing highlighting a few issues around safety, practice and the efficiency of the whole evening.

  1. No young children to be on the track during practice.
  2. We’re looking at ways to control practice better.
  3. A reminder of the 7.5 turn motor limit and the 8.4 volt battery charge limit. Random motor inspection and battery voltage checks are coming… 🙀
  4. You must book in before you go out to practice.
  5. We’re looking at incentives to encourage people who forget to book in to not forget to book-in in future. A popular one seems to be to make them run in the bottom heat…
  6. In order to get the track ready quicker, we’re going to have track layout sketch available each week. This will allow people to help build the track to Kyle’s design.

Personal Transponders For Sale…

As part of our efficiency drive (reducing the amount of time it takes to get the meeting going), we’re putting an order in with MRT to get personal transponders to sell at cost. We’ve got 11 people on the list so far but there will be a few extras if anyone else would like one. Price to be confirmed once I hear back from Terry @ MRT.

Out and about…

Round 2 of Barham’s Summer Series is a week on Sunday. Gary has stepped down from running the club and the whole kit and caboodle has now been taken over by Les and Bob. We wish them both good luck in their new venture and would encourage you all to take a trip over there to give them your support 🙂

NO RACING NEXT WEEK – 12th April 2017