2017-2018 Winter Series Dates

Hi guys and girls, we’ve finalised the dates for the FORCC winter series 17/18 to be held at Boughton Village Hall. This year, unlike others, we only have 4 meetings in the series with best 3 from 4 to count. These will be:

  • December 17th 2017
  • January 21st 2018
  • February 18th 2018
  • March 18th 2018

(all Sundays)

We only have 4 dates as we were unable to access the hall in November and we will be holding a separate meeting in October.

Many of you will know that a great friend and supporter of the club, Les Kerry, suffered a stroke earlier in the year. We have spoken to Les’ family as a club, and have decided upon a fundraising meeting, with proceeds going towards the Kingston Rehabilitation Centre at Canterbury Hospital, where patients, including Les, receive treatment to aid their recovery. 

This fundraising meeting will be held on Sunday 1st October 2017 at Boughton Village Hall. Final details of the meeting are still being decided, but will be confirmed later towards the date.

Please feel free, regular or not, to attend this one off meeting and aid in the raising of funds for such a great cause.