COVID-19 Message from the BRCA SoutHeast Regional Rep – Steve Brooke


Hi there, some or all of you may have received or seen the content of the email sent to clubs and officials.

It’s quite clear in it’s requirements and I know some clubs have already adopted these requirements, could ALL please share by the usual means, social media, websites or even face2face (though that may not be the best policy if following current advice and guidelines!).

We may have to re-visit the calendar once further guidance has been issued but obviously there are limitations on dates available and the longevity of the season.

As you can also see it is recommended that clubs also adopt the same principals, and clubs in other Regions are stating that practice is also not allowed, this is obviously difficult to police at the likes of Barham, Plough and EPR due to the nature of their sites. Will leave up to club officials to advise.

Thanks for you assistance in these difficult times, as you can see further announcements are expected, will forward anything relevant!


Steve Brooke