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Hi All,

Dave posted an update on oOple and I thought I would share. results will be up later.


Well chaps it’s time for an update!

The astro has been down for a few weeks now. There’s no denying it’s changed the racing at FORCC – some prefer it, some may feel it’s proven detrimental to the racing – but whatever your thoughts there’s a couple of points I’d like to remind you of:

1 – The choice to change surface was not ours. We were left with 2 alternatives – either close the club , or find an alternative surface to use.

2 – An awful lot of work went into securing the surface so we could carry on racing. Even if you’re not so keen on the astro you have to respect the effort that went in so that option 1 above didn’t become a reality.

Yes it’s taken a while to get used to, and one area which isn’t quite working as it should are the track markings. But trust me, watch this space, you’ll be pleasantly surprised what the coming weeks hold in that respect.

As for other changes in the pipeline, and after much discussion, the following changes will be coming into effect:

Tyres – a control tyre will be introduced as soon as possible. Schumacher yellow blocks on the rear axle of 2wd and 4wd will become mandatory IF you wish to score points in FORCC championships. Tyre choice for front axles is free, as are both axles for Stadium and Short Course trucks.

Motors – a 7.5 motor limit will be enforced shortly as the lowest turn you can run at FORCC at any meeting, and this applies to all classes. That doesn’t mean you’ve got to dash out and buy a 7.5 motor. 7.5 is the lowest you can run. So if you have a 8.5, 10.5 or 13.5 (and we’ve all got those) then you’re fine to run that. With the introduction of the astro, speeds have increased and some drivers are running beyond their means with little more than Excocet missiles on 4 wheels which is not safe. We hope with the introduction of a motor limit it will introduce a more level playing field – it will do away with the attitude of “how can I compete with a 5.5 when I’ve only got a 7.5”

Onto the FORCC 2014/15 Winter Series now – round one is only just over a week away on the 26 October. There will be an amnesty on the motor limit for Round 1 so don’t panic! Tyres however will be available on the day from both Ralls Racing and Xtreme so there’s no reason why the tyre ruling cannot be adhered to for Round 1.

You can enter 2 classes maximum – booking can be done ahead or just arrive and drive it’s up to you.

Just a word of warning for those not aware of the A2 roadworks in place at weekends currently – the A2 coastbound is closed from J7 of the M2 – Brenley Corner roundabout – so if you’re coming from any direction other than Thanet you’ll need to leave the Thanet Way at the Northbound exit immediately after J7 – it’s only a few hundred yards.
50 yards up this road take a left (at the crossroads) and follow the flyover back over the Thanet Way. Turn right at the end and follow this road (with caution) till you reach a small crossroads and turn right into Bull Lane. This will bring you to the Village Hall entrance from the other end

If you are coming from the Thanet end then leave the Thanet Way just before Brenley Corner and follow the road until you reach the Bull Lane crossroads.

I hope to be doing more updates both on here and Facebook as we’ve been too quiet of late. It’s time to shout a bit louder about what we do

So keep an eye out, and of course there are always regular updates on the club site www.forcc.co.uk – this is FORCC V2 don’t forget!