Week 5 results

Hi everyone, the results from Week 5 and the championship are now updated. Thank you to everyone for attending and creating another great weeks racing. Please remember to keep the date for our belated Christmas party and remember Next Week is the first Wednesday of the month so Truck week!! ……. Thank you, Mark

Faversham Off-Road Car Club (FORCC) is a Kent based RC Club, racing 1/10th Scale 2WD, 4WD and Short Course Trucks.
Our website – http://www.forcc.co.uk/?page_id=15
Our Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Faversham-Off-Road-Car-Club-667575600015641
Our YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFVX3r29hjLPg3nMK-RJugg/videos
Our Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/faversham_forcc/
Our email- theforcc@gmail.com
We welcome everyone, seniors and juniors on Wednesday nights in Boughton-under-Blean, please feel free to come and say hi, let us know who you are and what you enjoy about RC racing.
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Week 4 results

Good evening everyone. I’ve uploaded the results from last nights racing. Thank you to all the racers and our lovely support people helping out with the tuck shop to keep us all fed and watered. I have uploaded the 2 videos I shot of the 2wd A final and 4wd A final to our YouTube channel. Please have a look and remember to like and subscribe to get the updated videos each week. Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFVX3r29hjLPg3nMK-RJugg/videos
One of the common questions we are asked is what cars people are racing so last night I did a very quick straw poll.

26 2wd cars raced tonight:
Associated 9
Xray 6
Willspeed (Associated variant) 4
Willspeed (XRAY variant) 2
Schumacher 2
Serpent 1
Losi 1
Willspeed (Schumacher) 1

The Handsets in use:
Futaba 12
Sanwa 7
Absima 1
Spektrum 1
Ko Propo 1

7 4wd cars raced tonight:
Associated 1
Schumacher 1
Willspeed (Associated variant) 1
The Handsets in use:
Sanwa 4
Futaba 3

Please remember we have our event on the 13th April.

Week 3 results

Good evening everyone, I’ve uploaded the results of Wednesday nights racing. Thank you all for coming and competing. I’ve got footage of all the racing, thank you again to Jodie for helping with recording my heat so I could race. Please remember to save the date for our event and presentations at the hall. I am uploading our video footage to the https://www.facebook.com/Faversham-Off-Road-Car-Club-667575600015641 FB page, but I have also last weekend completed a migration of our old footage to the one single https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFVX3r29hjLPg3nMK-RJugg/videos YouTube account. Once we have the action camera recordings, I’m more likely to store them all there. I will upload more pictures now I’ve created a standalone page within this site. Any feedback on any of the changes, please let me know, thank you all, Mark

13th April 2022, 19:00hrs

Please save the date, FORCC are having a party!

We are hosting our (COVID) delayed 2021 Christmas party, but, most importantly it is our opportunity to say a huge thank you and goodbye to Alan and Jon as they take a back seat from committee work.

As always with our Christmas events, families, partners, children, racers old and new are welcome!

We will be doing food and presentations! 7pm start at Boughton village hall and we may even race a few cars around in a lap of honor! (Obviously championship will be suspended for the evening.)

Week 2 results

Hi everyone, we have uploaded the new results and cleaned up the reults page. To clear up any confusion the new naming convention, Week 2 NC322, simply breaks down as Week 2 of the New Championship (NC) started in March (3) of 2022 (22) , this is purely to make the storing and administration of the laptops and sites easier for multiple people going forward. Any questions please feel free to ask. Please could I ask those who have access to Facebook to drop a note on the page with the car they drive, this helps new people interested in coming down to the club to know what cars are currently being used. Thank you. https://www.facebook.com/Faversham-Off-Road-Car-Club-667575600015641 . I’ve uploaded the couple of videos of the racing from Wednesday to our page as well. I didn’t get everyones races this week, but we are looking at other solutions to get everyones races in. Please let me know if you would like to see anything specific or have any ideas for changes. Thank you. Mark

Week 1 March 2022

The first night of racing for the new championship. https://fb.watch/bzapmAgFyy/ I have posted the final race from each heat on our Facebook page. Thank you to Jodie and Lee for filming while I marshalled and raced. Please give us feedback on anything you’d like to see more of and also feel free to share your own pictures or videos. I’ve uploaded the nights results but the link hasn’t shown the championship results, I’ll fix this soon. Thank you all for your continued support and we will see you on Wednesday. Cheers, Mark

Week 14 and 15

Good afternoon everyone, the results are updated for the last two weeks, my apologies for breaking the previous upload, Jon helped me correct it on Thursday. If you have Facebook access please do contribute to our post on what cars you race with https://www.facebook.com/Faversham-Off-Road-Car-Club-667575600015641 and if you have any pictures or video footage please share it with us on the community tab. Thank you all for another great weeks racing, we will see you next week. Cheers, Mark.

Week 13

Wednesday nights results and the championship have been updated and uploaded. I have also uploaded a couple of vidoes taken on the night of the 2WD final heat and the 4WD final heat to our Facebook page. https://fb.watch/aGVVmec7GF/ 2WD link to the FB video. https://fb.watch/aGVYSpwfVs/ 4WD link to the FB video.

On the night we also discussed the use of reverse gear. At official BRCA events reverse gear is banned and we are a BRCA affiliated club so we would like to follow this rule. There is also a health and safety aspect too this because marshalls being out on track to recover a car that then suddenly moves as they reach for it isn’t safe. The BRCA site talks about racing etiquette and it is fair for all of us as drivers to respect that we all wait until our car is recovered. One suggestion we have received is potentially allowing only drivers in heat 1 to use reverse because they are learning and most likely to crash and for health and safety all marshalls would know heat 1 drivers can use reverse. We are open to any feedback should you wish to discuss this with us and we can then review it further.

Week 12

Week 12 results have been updated. Our first week back in 2022 and a huge thank you from all of the team for your continued support. Unless the goverment make a substantial change to the advice we will now be running every Wednesday night under the guidelines of wearing face coverings and having the windows open at the hall. https://fb.watch/awmNPvOMD-/ I took a few videos this week, not of full races but tried to show a little of everyones races. Please feel free to share your pictures or videos on our Facebook page, especially if you manage to catch those, oooohhh that hit the stage moments! Thank you, Mark