Week 7/Truck Week 9

Results Updated

Out and about

It’s the final round of Barham’s Summer Series this Sunday.

Charity Meeting – Sunday 1st of October

Every penny taken on the day from race fees, food, drink etc. will be donated to the Kingston Rehabilitation Centre at Canterbury Hospital.

2017-2018 Winter Series Dates

Hi guys and girls, we’ve finalised the dates for the FORCC winter series 17/18 to be held at Boughton Village Hall. This year, unlike others, we only have 4 meetings in the series with best 3 from 4 to count. These will be:

  • December 17th 2017
  • January 21st 2018
  • February 18th 2018
  • March 18th 2018

(all Sundays)

We only have 4 dates as we were unable to access the hall in November and we will be holding a separate meeting in October.

Many of you will know that a great friend and supporter of the club, Les Kerry, suffered a stroke earlier in the year. We have spoken to Les’ family as a club, and have decided upon a fundraising meeting, with proceeds going towards the Kingston Rehabilitation Centre at Canterbury Hospital, where patients, including Les, receive treatment to aid their recovery. 

This fundraising meeting will be held on Sunday 1st October 2017 at Boughton Village Hall. Final details of the meeting are still being decided, but will be confirmed later towards the date.

Please feel free, regular or not, to attend this one off meeting and aid in the raising of funds for such a great cause.


Week 6

NO RACE MEETING – 6th of September 2017

There is a wedding in the hall on that day. Truck week will be postponed to the following week (13/9/17).

Results Updated

Final Regional…

It’s the final 2WD Regional of the year over at Plough this weekend.


Week 5

NO RACE MEETING – 6th of September 2017

There is a wedding in the hall on that day. Truck week will be postponed to the following week (13/9/17).

Results Updated

Michael spotted that the 4WD championship was complete bobbins and all the scores were wrong. I’ve rectified that now 😳.


Thanks to Ben and the rest of the Eastbourne boys and girls for putting on a great day last Sunday.

You can find the Regional championship results on the EPR website: http://www.edenparkraceway.com/race-results/

BRCA Juniors & Veterans 2017

NO RACE MEETING – 6th of September 2017

There is a wedding in the hall on that day. Truck week will be postponed to the following week (13/9/17).

Results Updated

A ton of regulars missing but still 34 drivers for the evening 🙂 The championships have been updated including the missing SCT results from last week. I’m sure there are more Juniors than are currently in the champoinships so if you’re a Junior and not in the Junior championship, tell Dave when you book in and he’ll update your driver details. It was also good to see so many people pitching in at the end to clear away.

Out and about…

It’s the final 4WD Regional at Eastbourne this weekend, Stotfold National next weekend and the final 2WD Regional at Plough the weekend after that.

The Perfect Setup?

I found some annotated setup helper sheets which I thought some of you may find useful. These are not setups for Faversham but rather a nice little summary of how changing different aspects of your car might affect its handling. They are based on Xray cars but the principles would be universal. They came from http://www.petitrc.com/index.php?/setupguide.html/ and there are some other interesting guides on there too.


2WD Setup Helper Page 1 of 2
2WD Setup Helper Page 2 of 2


4WD Setup Helper Page 1 of 2
4WD Setup Helper Page 2 of 2

Juniors & Vets

So last weekend saw the first of the BRCA End of Season events – The Juniors and Veterans. It’s a 2 day event with 2WD on Saturday and 4WD on Sunday and run to the same format as the National Series (2 practices, 4 qualifiers, 3 leg A finals and 1 leg for everyone else). It’s open to Under 13’s, Under 16’s, Over 40’s and Over 50’s. A small contingent from the SouthEast Region went including Nathan, Matthew, Alfie, Stuart, Phil, Mark and George from Faversham and Shareef from EPR.

Broxtowe Juniors and Vets 2017

All our boys represented their region well. Matthew made the U13 A final on both days and even TQ’d round 1 in 4WD.

Young Alfie did a fantastic job at his first National event under the guidance of George and got quicker and quicker as the weekend progressed.

I think it would be fair to say though that the crowning glory was Mr. Nathan Ralls winning the V40 4WD title with his Xray XB4.

Well done everyone and roll on next year 🙂

I’ll leave to your imagination as to what the upstanding pillars of the community were all staring at here instead of the camera…

Week 1,2 & 3

NO RACE MEETING – 6th of September 2017

There is a wedding in the hall on that day. Truck week will be postponed to the following week (13/9/17).

Results Updated

The new championships kicked off in my absence and the results have been updated. Note: I’ll update the SCT championship next week. It got overlooked yesterday 😳

Week D

Results Updated

No website updates for a couple of weeks but life goes on and I’m sure you’ll all cope. It’s a 2WD Regional at Barham this Sunday (23/7), Truck week the week after next (2/8) followed by Barham Summer Series the following Sunday (6/8).

The new FORCC Championship should be starting next week.


Week C

Results Updated

Looks like I get to claim the $5000 reward…

Out and about…

It’s a 4WD Regional at Plough this weekend followed by a 2WD Regional at Barham next weekend.

Week B

Results Updated

Super busy last night with 55 entries in total . Non-championship for the buggies but it was week 7 of 12 for the trucks. My humble modest nature prevents me from saying who won that… 😉

Who dun it?

It was inevitable it was going to happen at some point but someone made off with one of the practice tokens last night. Obviously it wasn’t deliberate but it’s just a PITA when we have to waste time trying to find it. Please put your token in the box BEFORE you start your practice… Thank You 🙂

Out and about…

This weekend is the Boughton National. Goodluck to everyone heading up for that. Next weekend is the 4WD Regional at Plough followed the week after by the 2WD Regional at Barham.