Week 13

Wednesday nights results and the championship have been updated and uploaded. I have also uploaded a couple of vidoes taken on the night of the 2WD final heat and the 4WD final heat to our Facebook page. https://fb.watch/aGVVmec7GF/ 2WD link to the FB video. https://fb.watch/aGVYSpwfVs/ 4WD link to the FB video.

On the night we also discussed the use of reverse gear. At official BRCA events reverse gear is banned and we are a BRCA affiliated club so we would like to follow this rule. There is also a health and safety aspect too this because marshalls being out on track to recover a car that then suddenly moves as they reach for it isn’t safe. The BRCA site talks about racing etiquette and it is fair for all of us as drivers to respect that we all wait until our car is recovered. One suggestion we have received is potentially allowing only drivers in heat 1 to use reverse because they are learning and most likely to crash and for health and safety all marshalls would know heat 1 drivers can use reverse. We are open to any feedback should you wish to discuss this with us and we can then review it further.