The club can be found on Facebook –

We post plenty of pictures and videos of our activities and additionally you can get to our committe through messenger, please visit the site to see what we are up to and where we are.


The club can be found on Instagram-
We post plenty of pictures, please visit the site and give us a follow.


The club can be found on YouTube-
We post plenty of videos, please visit the site and like and subscribe to the channel.


FORCC has its own area on oople, you don’t need to register to view the forum but you will need to register if you would like to post a message on it. It is quick and free so why not sign up and start a discussion about the club.

Please remember that oople is not owned by FORCC so make sure you are aware of the forum rules before posting. In addition to the regular oople moderators, the FORCC section is also moderated by Dave Andrews (aka Hog) and Jon Peters (aka Hairy Spider). Enjoy the forum but please behave yourselves…

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