Week 1

🙁 NO RACING NEXT WEEK – 29th of April 2015 🙁

Results updated

Track_20150422A quiet night with an early finish. The tabletop was a PITA though but still there was a good atmosphere unless you happened to be anywhere near Alan in which case the air was positively chewy 👿

Brown card for you Mister Moon…



WEEK 15, NO RACING 29/4/15

Results Updated

Congratulations to Elliott in 4WD and George in 2WD for their respective championship victories 🙂

No Racing 29/4/15

Due to some stuff going on at the hall during that week we will not be able to race and just to make things worse, during that time we cannot store the astro on the stage so next week when we pack up, we will need to store all the astro in the back room. We will need extra help to pack up during that week so we can spread the heavy lifting around as many people as possible please. The same will be true when we’re back on the 6th of May when we get everything back out again.

Week 14

Results Updated

Sorry for the delay…

Out and about…

EPR is on this weekend & next week is the first 4WD Regional at Maritime.