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BRCA Licence

Good morning all, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas with your families and friends, just a reminder now we are in the new year, please make sure you have your BRCA licence renewed for our first race of the year. Wednesday the 10th which will be 2wd, 4wd and trucks starting their new year championship. Thank you, Mark.

End of year races and Christmas evening.

Good evening everyone, I have updated the results from Wednesday night. A very important reminder for all of our racers that December is a packed race month because TRUCKS are on the 6th and RALLY is on 13th


The 20th of December is our night of festivities, there will be some sort of racing cars around a hall for half the evening and then half an evening of feasting! Food and drink will be available as always, come hungry leave stuffed as Christmas usually is! 🙂

PLEASE could I appeal to everyone to help out with a small gift of any size and shape, RC related or otherwise for our raffle that will be held on the night. We raise funds at these events to help out with the changes we need to make, for example this year, the technology, and to help us plan for next year and the future of the club. As always racers old and new are always welcome at the Christmas party, bring friends and family and enjoy.

Thank you everyone, Mark.

results updated

Hi all, Mark here, apologies for the delay in uploading last weeks results, my IP address kept changing so had to wait for the helpdesk to come online. Cheers, Mark

Results updated

Hi all, a very very busy night on Wednesday, presentations for the previous 2wd and 4wd championships, a great send off to Matthew as he departs for university, we wish him the very best of luck and look forward to seeing him when he returns for the holiday breaks.

It was also rally night as well as the 2wd and 4wd buggies, this is becoming a very busy time and we are exceptionally grateful to the racers who stayed behind to help clear the track away. Everyone needs to help the club with making sure the hall is clear at the end of the night as it can impact our relationship with the hall committee and after 30 years of a great relationship we do not want to diminish it.

Please remember if you are leaving the race night early, there is an expectation on you to arrange someone to cover your marshal position. If anyone has any feedback or questions you can always speak to me or the committee on the night or via

Thank you all for a great night, watch out for the videos, cheers, Mark.

Results updated

A huge thank you to every racer and the committee for all the support on Wednesday night. We still had some teething issues to knock out as it was the first time the laptop had actually run a real race, rather than just my car driving round my dining room each weekend. Everything appears to be now fully functional, including having uploaded the results from the new laptop just now.
We may still need to adjust a few minor things around the AMB and hardwired to the network but other than that we are all back racing with the data on the new laptop and printer.
Once again, my thanks to everyone for the support, especially to Jodie for her patience with hand writing everything, and Jon for his IT skills advising me on how not to lose the entire clubs history by accidently deleting the wrong database or ticking the wrong thing. I appreciate it’s been a bit of a long road, but hopefully now we are in a place to be a little future proofed should we want to change or update software/services etc going forward. Cheers, Mark

Results Updated

Hi everyone, thank you all for a great night on Wednesday. I appreciate holiday season is now in full swing but it was great to see people still attending and some good racing

Trucks had a good night bashing round as always, remember everyone, try to maintain driving standards at all times.

The new laptop is here a huge thank you to Jon for helping with support on moving the database over so I didn’t lose our entire history, and for the testing once everyone had finished racing. It looks like the loop being on USB functions so we should be all good to go for next week with the new equipment and printer all working. Thank you again for all your patience throughout the change as things didn’t happen to plan.

Cheers, Mark

Results updated

Hi everyone, thank you all for your ongoing patience with the technology situation, we have the new printer now and we are in discussions with a local laptop repair and support shop who is assisting with the upgrade to our kit.

Robinhood Raceway National

Hi everyone, here’s the link for Matthews race last weekend. Well done mate, shame about the weather, ,, our racers could do well to note that the very final bend incident, the other racers were very mature and showed great sportsmanship in both waiting at the incident and not just shooting off.