Results updated

A huge thank you to every racer and the committee for all the support on Wednesday night. We still had some teething issues to knock out as it was the first time the laptop had actually run a real race, rather than just my car driving round my dining room each weekend. Everything appears to be now fully functional, including having uploaded the results from the new laptop just now.
We may still need to adjust a few minor things around the AMB and hardwired to the network but other than that we are all back racing with the data on the new laptop and printer.
Once again, my thanks to everyone for the support, especially to Jodie for her patience with hand writing everything, and Jon for his IT skills advising me on how not to lose the entire clubs history by accidently deleting the wrong database or ticking the wrong thing. I appreciate it’s been a bit of a long road, but hopefully now we are in a place to be a little future proofed should we want to change or update software/services etc going forward. Cheers, Mark