Week 7

Sorry, no results this week. I wasn’t there 🙁

The final round of Barham’s Summer Series is this Sunday (27/9/15).

Regionals & 2016 F Grades

Regional Championship Results

The Regional Championships for 2015 are now finished and the overall results can be found here:


2016 F Grades

Following on from the Regionals, the BRCA Driver Grades for 2016 have now been calculated. They can be found here:





Week 6

No Results Updated This Week

Track_20150916Sorry, but I don’t have the results to update this week 🙁

Barham Summer Series

The rerun of round 4 is this Sunday (20/0/15). Round 6 is next weekend (27/9/15).

Week 5 & Winter Series Dates

Results Updated

I’ve added the missing people (or at least the ones that I know about) into the latest championship. If you’re a club member and you’re not in the championship, let me know 🙂

Winter Series Dates

We’ve finally managed to get our Winter Series dates confirmed…

Round 1 – 11/10/15

Round 2 – 8/11/15

Round 3 – 13/12/15

Round 4 – 10/1/16

Round 5 – 7/2/16

Round 6 – 13/3/16

Best 4 from 6 to count 🙂

Week 4

Results Updated

Track_20150902Good luck to everyone from the club and the South-East heading to Tiverton for the Junior’s and Veteran’s weekend 🙂