Your club needs you!

Results Updated

Track_20160629Your club needs you!

We’re looking for a couple of people to step up and learn how to setup and run race control. Jodie will be heading off to University in September and that leaves a vacancy in race control. We’re not expecting you run the whole night (at least not at first…) but on the odd occasion when I can’t make it, we need someone available to get the computer sorted and run the races. If you’re interested, have a chat with myself or Jodie and we can get the ball rolling.

Happy Birthday

Our infamous leader turned 50 today. Happy Birthday Alan 🙂

Get Well Soon

We heard this week that one of our longest serving non-racers, Tony Gavin, is in hospital following a heart attack. We wish you a speedy recovery Tony and hope to see you back at the track soon.

EPR National 11-12 June 2016

Saturday 2WD…

So last weekend saw the rollercoaster that is the 1/10th off-road National Series come to our region courtesy of Eden Park Raceway. First off, the EPR crew (Steve, Shareef, Charles and others) did a fantastic job in preping the venue. The new astro and lick of paint made the track look great. Unfortunately the weather would play its part and while it was all fine for the early part of Saturday, that would prove to be the only dry running we would see all weekend.

EPR National Track
EPR National Track

The thunder, lightening and rain came in towards the end of Q3 and that set the tone for the rest of the weekend. It didn’t stop some outstanding performances though with FORCC stars Nathan and Kyle making the A Final, Ed made the B and George the C.

EPR 2WD A Final
EPR 2WD A Final

In the National Series, you get a little momento when you make your first A Final and somebody did in 2WD…

Kyle gets his 'First A Final' Trophy
Kyle gets his ‘First A Final’ Trophy
The Red Arrows stopped by the acknowledge Kyle's achievement
The Red Arrows stopped by the acknowledge Kyle’s achievement

Further down the field we had Stu in the E Final, Myself and Callum in the G, Matthew in the I, and Jack and Ian in the J.

EPR_2WD_Results_3 EPR_2WD_Results_2 EPR_2WD_Results_1Sunday 4WD…

So Sunday started wet and just got wetter as the day went on. To try and beat the weather practice would be cut short and qualifying would start an hour earlier. By the end of Q3 the track was saturated and had become difficult to marshal safely. In light of this the organisers stopped the meeting and the result was declared at the end of Q3. It would be another top 10 finish for Kyle (9th) followed by Ed (13th), Nathan (15th), Callum (41st), Matthew (63rd), Myself (64th), Jack (66th) and Stu (68th).

EPR_4WD_Results_1 EPR_4WD_Results_2

All in all, a great weekend (if a little damp) and thanks once again the the EPR crew for putting on a great event.

Results Updated

Track_20160615The results for the last 2 weeks have been updated.

Week 3 – Truck Week

Results Updated

Track_20160601Another super busy week what with it being truck week and several new people coming along for their first meeting. We hope you guys all enjoyed yourselves 🙂

Club Transponders

We’ve reached the point where we do not have enough handout transponders to go around on busier evenings. With that in mind:

  1. Please do not take the club transponders from the box before the heat listings are put up. It makes it difficult for us to allocate transponders when we don’t know which ones we have available. They don’t always make it back into the box at the end of the night.
  2. If you’ve been with us long enough to consider yourself a regular and you are still using the club transponders, please consider buying your own so we can free up some of the club transponders for new people getting into the hobby and for those that might need to use one occasionally for whatever reason. Last night 18 out of the 42 entries (43%) were using club transponders. The club has 14 transponders of which only 12 were available last night.

Cheers, Jon.

Out and about…

Barham is on this Sunday and next weekend is the National at EPR. Well worth a visit if you would like to opportunity to see the countries best drivers going head to head.