Happy New Year!

Results Updated

Track_20160106So that’s the first one of the year done and dusted and it was truck week too 😯 . Thank you to everyone that got their BRCA membership sorted out before the meeting. We only had 3 people that I had to join online for them on their behalf. It’s so easy to do even Ollie managed to join on his phone while he was waiting to book in ! 😛 It’s Round 4 of the Winter Series this Sunday and you will all need BRCA membership for that too and that includes all the youngsters that don’t normally come on Wednesday’s as well!

Winter Series Round 4 This Sunday (10/1/16)

Doors open at 7 for those helping to setup, Practice from about 8 and qualifying from 9:30. A few of the regular helpers can’t make this one so if anyone else would like to rock up early and help it would be much appreciated 🙂