Week 6

Results Updated



There is a proposal on the table to introduce a ‘Rear Axle Only’ control tyre for the club championships from January. It is not proposed that we introduce a control tyre for the front Axle and this would apply to both 2WD and 4WD. The tyre is the Yellow Schumacher Block (U6786)


So to clarify, this would be a championship control tyre only so you can still turn up and race with whatever tyres you like but if you want to enter the club championships, you’ll need to put the blocks on the rear. A lot of people are moving to the blocks anyway so we don’t think this will have a huge impact by the time we get to January.

We are not proposing to introduce a control tyre for the forthcoming winter series.

The Winter Series…

Starts in 2 weeks time… 🙂