Busy, Busy, Busy…

Results Updated


The Wednesday after a Sunday meeting is usually pretty quiet but last night we had 7 heats 😎 . Traditionally this is our busiest time of the year and bearing that in mind, please can you all book in promptly once booking in is open. If you’re on site when booking in is open you’ve got no excuse. If you’re running late then just drop Alan a txt and we’ll get you in.

Meeting Format

The question of the meeting format is being raised again (as it does from time to time). The question is to the pros and cons of the 3 race system we run now vs a more traditional 2 or 3 leg qualifying and single race final format that most other clubs run. There are merits to both systems however the last time we tried it (which was about 3 years ago if I recall correctly) the majority of the club couldn’t wait for the trial to be over so they could get back to old format. The positive thing to come out of it was the switch from the 3 row starting grid to the staggered grid we use now.

Anyway, the question has been raised so talk amongst yourselves and if you take it to social media, please keep it civil. No-one benefits from dirty washing being aired in public… 🙄

Winter Series Round 2

Round 2 is on the 23rd of November 2014. Seems like it’s a long way away 😥 , but it’s not 😀