About Us

The Club:

The Faversham Off-Road Car Club (The FORCC) is a radio controlled model car racing club specialising in 1/10th scale electric off-road buggies. We host race meetings on Wednesday evenings in Boughton Village Hall. You’ll find us there every week of the year (excluding 2 weeks over Christmas). We also host a few outdoor meetings each year and in 2008 we started hosting an Indoor Winter Series running on Sunday’s.

As stated above, we are an electric 1/10th scale buggy club. This means that unfortunately we are unable to cater for other classes such as touring cars or anything fuel powered rather than electric powered.

The club was founded in 1984 and we have been racing once a week since then. During that time we have almost exclusivly been running on the polished wooden floor of the hall. In 2014 we started covering the floor and we now race on Astroturf.

Wednesday Evening Club Nights:

A typical Wednesday evening race meeting works something like this (although all the times are approximate)

6:15 The hall is unlocked and the early birds start to arrive. Over the next hour or so these guys will setup the track ready for the meeting. The track is open for practice once it has been built.
7:00 Start booking in. All drivers must book in so we know you are here. You will also be asked to pay your race fee which for club members is £2.50 for Seniors and £1.75 for Juniors (under 16). For non-members, race fees are £3.50 for Seniors and £2.75 for Juniors. Please aim to be booked in by 7:30
7:45 Racing starts with Round 1, Heat 1. There are usually between 5 and 7 heats per round and there will be 3 rounds during the evening. Each heat lasts 5 minutes and you will be called to the track for your heat. After you have raced, you will be expected to marshal the following heat i.e. If you raced in heat 1 you will be marshalling heat 2.Due to time constraints we do not run Finals but your overall position for the evening will determine your grid position for the next meeting and will contribute to your championship standings.
10:15 Racing finishes. This time varies quite a bit depending on the number of people racing and on if there were any delays during the evening, but we rarely finish racing later than about 10:30pm. At the end of the evening everybody pitches in to help clear the track away and put all the tyres, ropes, jumps and other gear back into storage ready for the next meeting.


The club runs the MyLaps (Formally known as AMB) AMBrc3 lap counting system. AMBrc personal transponders (and the MRT clones) can be used at the club. The club has handout transponders for members that do not have personal transponders. Please note that MyLaps RC4 ‘Purcy’ transponders are not compatible with our system.

The Championships:

We run a single championship which runs for 15 weeks at a time. Your best 12 results during the 15 weeks will count towards your championship position. This allows members to miss up to 3 weeks per championship without penalty. Your overall position for the evening is used to determine how many championship points you earned for the week. We always run a 4WD championship and if there is enough demand, we run a 2WD championship as well.

Other championships the club runs or are involved with will run to their own rules and scoring systems and are not covered here.


Membership consists of 2 parts:

Club Membership:

Club membership is simple. It runs from January 1st to December 31st each year and costs £10 for seniors and £8 for Juniors. As a member you will be entitled to enter all of the club championships and you will pay the reduced rate race fees.

BRCA Membership:

In addition to your club membership you will be required to hold a valid BRCA license. The BRCA, or British Radio Car Association, is the governing body for radio controlled model car racing in the UK. The FORCC is affiliated to the BRCA. This provides us as a club with liability insurance. Holding BRCA membership as a racer provides you with 3rd party liability cover whilst attending the club. You will be allowed to race 3 times at the club in any given year without becoming a member of the BRCA. BRCA membership is £17 per year. The club subsidises this for Junior members by paying half of the membership fee. More information about the BRCA can be found on their website at www.brca.org.

The Members:

We like to think that we are a friendly club where the emphasis is as much about having fun as it is about the racing. We have a full range of driving abilities at the club from the complete novice to a National Champion and you will be welcomed at whatever level you are. You will also find plenty of help on tap, so don’t be afraid to use it. Just ask if you are unsure or need advice on something. If you break something, you will probably be able to find someone with a spare and failing that we have a man with a cable tie fetish who can fix just about anything armed only with a handful of cable ties, a pair of pliers and a large tube of super glue…


As the saying goes, the children are the future… and as such the club actively encourages Juniors to get into the hobby. Having said that though, the FORCC is not a crèche and Juniors are expected to be accompanied by a responsible adult for the duration of the meeting.