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Results – Week 15

Results updated for week 15.

That’s a wrap – the first championship of the year is complete – head over to the series results to see the final positions.

2 weeks of non-championship rounds now to update, fix and tweak your cars ready for the next championship starting on the 8th May.

Results – Week 12 & 13

Hi All,

Results for week 12 and 13 have been uploaded.

Apologies for the lack of printed results last night, the printer was out of toner. Normal service should resume next week.


Results – Week 10

Hi All,

Results for week 10 updated.

We now enter the last third of this championship and, whilst the 2WD win looks like a foregone conclusion, my ‘predict-o-matic’ shows there are several close battles going on throughout the field with less than 5 points separating drivers in some cases.

It’s just as close in the 4WD where all drivers have a good chance of getting a top 4 position…..(!)

There’s been some great races on track so let’s all keep up the effort with clean and fair racing!

Rally week next week.