30th November results

Hi all, I’ve uploaded the results, apologies for a slight delay in doing so this week.

It was another great week of racing with lots of people trying to lock down thier positions in the championship as we close towards the end, remember it’s your best 5 results so even that last race could count!

This week is truck week as well so please come armed and ready for battle!, sorry I mean racing.

Wednesday the 14th December the rally cars are going to have 5 mins of demonstration racing, thank you to Dave for arranging this with people who have sent emails into our inbox. They will race just after everyone’s practice sessions and before the nights heats get underway.

This is an opportunity to show case the cars and for everyone to have a look at the class and how they race together. Feel free to talk to the guys and get your votes in if you like what you see.
Please, please, please read our website posts – http://www.forcc.co.uk/?p=3316 , this is your chance to have a say in next year’s racing and you MUST e-mail in unless you are in a position where e-mail doesn’t work for you, in which case, speak to a committee member who MUST e-mail from their account confirming your opinion, which I will validate with you.
Thank you, Mark
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Faversham Off-Road Car Club (FORCC) is a Kent based RC Club, racing 1/10th Scale 2WD, 4WD and Short Course Trucks. We welcome everyone from seniors to juniors on Wednesday nights in Boughton-under-Blean, please feel free to come and say hi, let us know who you are and what you enjoy about RC racing.
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