Covid-19 Update

Hello all,

Long time, no see 🙁

We hope that Covid-19 has treated you and your families kindly and I’m sure you are just as fed up as we are with hand sanitizer and face masks 😐 The reason for the update today is that we have been in discussions with the hall in relation to when we might want to resume racing and there has also been some speculation that maybe after such a long break that we may never return at all!

So, in reverse order, let’s start with the speculation first. Right now, it is impossible to predict the future however what I will say is that myself and Alan are still committed to resuming normal Wednesday operations as soon as it is practical to do so. Will we still feel the same way in a years’ time if we’re still not racing? There’s no way we can answer that and we’ll just have to cross that bridge if we get to it.

So when can we go racing? The hall committee have made their assessment in line with the current government guidelines as to how many people can be in each part of the hall while maintaining social distancing and for us it is not good news. By the very nature of what we do, we leave the largest part of the hall empty except for a few marshals. The limits currently being set by the hall are 32 people in the main hall, 6 on the stage and 8 in the pavilion. The cloakroom, foyer and kitchen must remain clear. The situation is non-negotiable and the hall committee’s word is final. The hall has 14 clubs/groups that hire the hall on a regular basis. All 14 (including us) have deferred returning to the hall until 2021. Some, like us, are not returning yet because the numbers allowed simply don’t make it practical. The others are not comfortable retuning yet for their own reasons and concerns over safety. The government guidance is changing all the time but until there is a significant change in the social distancing requirements, there is nothing we can do.

So there you have it folks, it is unlikely that we will return this year and we don’t know when we will return next year. In the meantime, Barham is back up and running and I know Les would love to see you there if you fancy giving it a go. EPR isn’t open yet, but I’m sure they will be as soon as they are able so keep tabs on their Facebook page etc. to get the latest news.

Stay safe and hopefully this will all be a distant memory soon 🙂


Jon and Alan.

COVID-19 Message from the BRCA SoutHeast Regional Rep – Steve Brooke


Hi there, some or all of you may have received or seen the content of the email sent to clubs and officials.

It’s quite clear in it’s requirements and I know some clubs have already adopted these requirements, could ALL please share by the usual means, social media, websites or even face2face (though that may not be the best policy if following current advice and guidelines!).

We may have to re-visit the calendar once further guidance has been issued but obviously there are limitations on dates available and the longevity of the season.

As you can also see it is recommended that clubs also adopt the same principals, and clubs in other Regions are stating that practice is also not allowed, this is obviously difficult to police at the likes of Barham, Plough and EPR due to the nature of their sites. Will leave up to club officials to advise.

Thanks for you assistance in these difficult times, as you can see further announcements are expected, will forward anything relevant!


Steve Brooke

COVID19 Official Communication from BRCA

To ALL BRCA Members


The sport is facing some very difficult times, as part of the wider sporting community we are required to do our bit to help contain the spread of the virus by limiting the social gatherings that are the core of what we do.

Hence the Association Executive has had to take the following steps


ALL our Association events (i.e. all our Nationals and Regionals) that should have been happening between Now until the end of April will either be Postponed or Cancelled.

Please look out for announcements from the sections concerned as they get this resolved, please allow them the time to get this done as it’s expected that trying to adjust the calendar at this time of the year will be difficult.

We Have Recommend to All our Clubs that they do likewise and close for the same period of time.

While we appreciate that this is difficult to do and will have financial implications for some clubs it is not a decision that the Executive have taken lightly.

We can, of course, only advise this to the Clubs and it’s their decision to follow this advice, or not, but we do believe that this is the responsible course of action to take and so it’s recommended that Clubs close until the end of April, but with a plan in place to recommence when we can.

We will continue to update you on the situation as this develops and if the current advise we are receiving changes.


Darren Newton

BRCA Chairman

Covid-19 FORCC Shutdown

Good evening everyone.

Several members have messaged me over the last few days asking if FORCC is carrying on racing given the current Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the planet.

As much as we’d hoped that would be carrying on, after much deliberation we’ve taken the hard decision to suspend racing with immediate effect. We have no idea how long this enforced suspension is going to last for.

With the Government issuing guidelines recommending non essential travel and gatherings are put on hold, we have to view this responsibly and seriously and comply with these requirements.

Most other clubs (not to mention other sporting events) have already suspended activities so we’re far from being alone.

Obviously we hope this will only be for a few weeks, but at present we just don’t know. As soon as we have a better idea we will obviously be back with all guns blazing and shouting it from the rooftops.

But for now we just have to consider the best interests of our club members and their families. It’s only toy car racing after all, and everyone’s health is a far more serious matter.

In the meantime, stay safe, look after yourselves and your families, and we’ll see you all soon when this all blows over.

Best wishes

Dave, Alan and Jon.

Weeks 5 & 6

Results Updated

Polite Request…

When you are waiting on the stage behind the drivers, please keep noise to a minimum. Similarly, the marshal points at the bottom of the stage steps should be for the marshals only and not the marshals friends. Those marshal points are both in the eye line and within earshot of the drivers at the ends of the rostrum. Thank you 🙂

Week 4

Results Updated

Regional Calendar 2020

The Regional calendar published last week has now been finalised without any changes.

2020 Regional Calendar

Results Updated

Regional Calendar 2020

Subject to change, but here is the provisional Regional Calendar for 2020… The 2020 calendar has now been confirmed 🙂

The Calendar has been revised. Please see the later post with the new dates.