Week D

Results Updated

No website updates for a couple of weeks but life goes on and I’m sure you’ll all cope. It’s a 2WD Regional at Barham this Sunday (23/7), Truck week the week after next (2/8) followed by Barham Summer Series the following Sunday (6/8).

The new FORCC Championship should be starting next week.


Week C

Results Updated

Looks like I get to claim the $5000 reward…

Out and about…

It’s a 4WD Regional at Plough this weekend followed by a 2WD Regional at Barham next weekend.

Week B

Results Updated

Super busy last night with 55 entries in total . Non-championship for the buggies but it was week 7 of 12 for the trucks. My humble modest nature prevents me from saying who won that… 😉

Who dun it?

It was inevitable it was going to happen at some point but someone made off with one of the practice tokens last night. Obviously it wasn’t deliberate but it’s just a PITA when we have to waste time trying to find it. Please put your token in the box BEFORE you start your practice… Thank You 🙂

Out and about…

This weekend is the Boughton National. Goodluck to everyone heading up for that. Next weekend is the 4WD Regional at Plough followed the week after by the 2WD Regional at Barham.

Week 15 – And The Winners Are…

Results Updated

It’s week 15 so it must mean it’s the end of another championship so congratulations in no particular order to:


1st Martin Reeves, 2nd Shock Shaft & 3rd Michael Blaize

4WD Junior

1st James procter, 2nd Matthew Peters & 3rd Joshua Preston


1st Neil Gavin, 2nd Me, Myself and I & 3rd Dave Andrews

2WD Junior

1st Elliott Blaize, 2nd Harriett Chudleigh & 3rd Joshua Preston

We’ll be non-championship for a couple of weeks or so and then we’ll get back to it again.

Week 14

Results Updated

Heat 3, Round 2

Good luck to eveyone heading up to RHR for the National this weekend 🙂

Week 13 – Unlucky for some?

Results Updated

Truck week, 8 heats and done by about half 10. Outstanding 🙂 I had my fair share of issues last night with a broken servo, a lost wheel and a popped turnbuckle but I wasn’t the only one having issues last night 😆

Out and about:

4WD Regional at Barham this weekend followed by the National at Robin Hood next weekend.

Week 12

Results Updated

Truck week next week.

Out and about:

It’s Barham’s summer series this weekend followed by their 4WD Regional next weekend.


Results Updated

So the new booking in and practice system has been running for a few weeks now and on the whole it seems to be working quite well but there are a few people who haven’t quite got the hang of the marshalling after you practice aspect of the system… Please don’t make us chase around looking for practice marshalls and please remember to return your practice token to the grey bucket on the stage before you practice.

Any Juniors not in the Junior Championships, let me know and I’ll add you in 😃

Out and about…

EPR 2WD Regional this Sunday

Week 10

Results Updated

A nice quiet evening with just the 6 heats. Pouring with rain outside but plenty warm enough inside. Good luck to everyone heading over to the National at TORCH this weekend and it’s the 2WD Regional at EPR next weekend.