Non-Championship Week 4

Results Updated

Track_20160513So the 13/5/16 saw the yet another meeting on Faversham Off-Road Car Club’s well established Astro surface. The FORCC is Boughton Village’s best indoor facility offering regular off-road club racing on a Wednesday evening along with indoor bowls and scrapbooking being held at the venue most weekends. It was a quieter than normal evening due to many of the club’s regular F1 driver’s taking a well earned break before this weekends National but I think that just meant there was a little more fun to go round for the rest of us 😉 . Good luck up at RHR this weekend boys 😀 . Keep up with the latest club news on the FORCC Facebook group 😛.

Those of you that were there last night will be quite aware that we had to get a bit retro and manually count the evening. Thank you all for you patience and to Nathan, Jeff, Mark and anyone else that took a turn counting the cars. I believe I’ve got to the root of the problem but I won’t know for sure until the postman arrives tomorrow… All things being equal, next week will be round 1 of the new championship unless we’re still having issues in which case it will have to be another non-championship week.


1066_2WD_Regional_2016A huge thank you to Ben and the 1066 crew down in Hastings for putting on their first ever Regional last weekend. It was a great meeting and it’s a fantastic venue which quite possibly has one of the best indoor rostrums in the UK!

Out and about…

There’s nothing on this weekend due to the National being on, but next weekend you’re spoiled for choice with both Barham and EPR running meetings on Sunday.