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They’re here…

Results Updated

Track_20150211Good track, 7 heats.

New Handout Transponders

They’re here and we’ll be using them on Sunday

FORCC_MRT_HandoutsUnlike the red ones that are allocated on a heat by heat basis, these ones will be allocated to you for the duration of the meeting. You will be given it at the start of the meeting and YOU WILL RETURN IT AFTER YOUR LAST RACE 😀. We may introduce a deposit scheme to ensure their return 🙁

Winter Series Round 5 – This Sunday 🙂

We’re expecting the track to be built on Saturday so the doors won’t open on Sunday until about 7:30.

Double Trouble?

Results Updated

Track_20140204Not all the regular truckers were there this week and we still had 2 heats of trucks…

Winter Series Round 5

Just over a week to go until round 5.

Congratulations to Kyle…

…for beating some of Europes finest (oh, and Nathan 😉 ) over in Belgium last weekend at the Euro Indoor Race. Just to add insult to injury he does it in 2WD and 4WD. Somebody get him a short course so he can do the Triple next year 😯


Looks like you might have your own groupie there Kyle 😆

Another day in paradise…

Results Updated

Just the 6 heats this week. Probably just as well since I was late 🙄

Truck week next week.

Club Memberships

Every year we run an amnesty over club membership during January. From next week non members will be removed from the Wednesday championships and the increased race fees (£1 extra) will apply. If you are a member but are not included in the championships, let me know and I’ll add you in.



We will be retiring the club rechargable handout transponders in a few weeks time. They have served us well for many years but it’s time to bid them a fond farewell.

In an ideal world you would all have your own personal transponders however we know that isn’t possible so we will have some MRT transponders available to use instead of the handouts.


And Finally,

I’ll just park this here…



Roll with it…

Results Updated

8 heats and it wasn’t even truck week! 😀



Some People…

Some people are perfectionists…

roll_it_1Some try their best…

roll_it_2But some people just want to watch the world burn…


Winter Series Round 4


Results from today added and the Winter Series Championships have been updated.

WS2014R4TrackA fantastic day today and once again there were some great battles throughout the field with some of the Juniors had an exceptional day 🙂 Well done everyone and roll on Round 5 where I may live to regret buying a certain Junior some new tyres…

343 Days Until Christmas…

Results updated

New 2WD, 4WD & SCT championships have been created. Buggies are the usual 12 from 15. The SCT will run all year and be best 9 from 12 based on running the first wednesday of each month. I’ve also started the Wednesday Night Heroes for both 2 & 4WD and like last year, we’ll keep it a surprise until the winner is announced 🙂

Winter Series Round 4

Round 4 is this Sunday. Doors open at 7 for those helping out. 8 for everyone else.

Winter Series Round 3

Results Updated

Track_20141228Just shy of 50 drivers when we thought we might only get 20 due to the date. Thank you all for coming along and supporting the series today 🙂

On the whole the driving standards today were very good with only a couple of questionable finals. On that note, if something happens during a race and you feel aggrieved, it is very difficult for us to deal with it if we hear about it 2nd or 3rd hand and taking matters into your own hands is never the answer 😐


No meeting on New Years Eve but we are back the week after on January the 7th

Don’t forget to get your BRCA memberships renewed (£17) before then ( and we’ll be renewing club memberships in January (£10 Senior/£8 Junior). FORCC Club memberships gets you into the Wednesday night championships and discounted Wednesday night race fees.

Happy New Year,


Ho, Ho, Ho…

A few pics from the Christmas meeting

[metaslider id=164]


No racing this Wednesday but we are back on Sunday for Round 3 of the Winter Series.

The BRCA forms that were given to the club have been sent to the BRCA.

Merry Christmas from the FORCC 🙂

About time too…

Results updated 😉

The last 2 weeks results are now up and the overalls for the current championships. Well done to Neil in the 4WD, Dave in the 2WD and Hog in the SCT. Worthy winners the lot of you 🙂

Christmas Team Meeting

The Christmas team meeting is this week. £1 race fee for everybody and a free buffet. Awesome! Run whatever cars you want and get some tinsel and baubles them. Get those Christmas jumpers on too…

As always there will be a raffle and we would love you to donate a small prize if you can. RC, Non RC, Sensible, Silly or Alcoholic… it’s all good to us 😀

Dates for the Diary

  • 17/12/2014 – Christmas team meeting
  • 24/12/2014 – NO RACE MEETING
  • 28/12/2014 – Winter Series Round 3
  • 31/12/2014 – NO RACE MEETING
  • 3/1/2015 – First meeting of the New Year