Week 2

Results updated.

Second track of the new era…


People are definitely starting to find their feet with the new surface. A lot of different tyres were being tried with varying degrees of success. It looks like there are a couple of good candidates for people looking for a longer life tyre 🙂

Another historic milestone was passed last night too… More 2WD then 4WD ! In the infamous words of Mr. Bob Dylan,

” The Times They Are A-Changin’ “

Thank you once again to those that stayed to help pack up the Astro. We will start rotating the heat listings so it’s not always the same people left at the end of the night.

 Next Week

The mad rush over to 2WD this week messed up some of the ranking and heats this which is why it took a while to get going. Next week is Truck Week and the start of the new championships. We will be aiming to be racing by 7:30 so we can still finish at a reasonable time. We will also need a few people to step up and build the track next week as Alan and Dave are both away.