Hi everyone, please download and view the word document via – , this is an important part of the clubs next steps and gives you a voice. I have created two calendars for people to look at for next year (It’s my hope that going forward every year you will have a calendar laying out the next years racing similar to this) the only real difference is whether or not we have a full club closure in the summer and set a break that everyone can take off (giving the committee and the organisers who grease all the wheels a timeout) or if you prefer to stay open and bring the children etc and we have the break as extended non-championship days. The option if no one votes otherwise is we will have a break period.

The second part of the document is offering you a voice on running another type of championship, i.e vintage or rally cars etc, we have to be sensible and have rules as well as popularity metrics so gather every voice and vote as you wish, in the same tone though if you have family etc and believe another extra night a month (Making 2 a month as we would run it on alternate weeks to trucks) having extended closing times is too much, you are equally invited to vote that way.

WE ARE RUNNING A 6 WEEK MINI CHAMPIONSHIP from Wednesday the 9th (NEXT WEEK)! This is a one off as we have been left out of sync because of the January COVID closures etc that disrupted the start of our racing year. I would like to spice things up and have a little fun with it though as it is just a mini championship and not a long term thing so things like reverse grids may be brought in on some of the weeks, the prize is a little gift of tyres for next years return to normal racing.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and too send us your feedback, shaping a part of our club as we move forward and hopefully put covid in the rear view mirror! Showing up and supporting us and giving us great racing every week is truly appreciated by all the committe and friends who keep everything going for you to enjoy your Wednesday evenings.

Thank you, Mark