Update Nov 12/22

Hi everyone, I have uploaded the first results for our little mini championship, it’s a blast to the flag so blink and you’ll miss it! Not really, it was just a wrap up of the final weeks of the year, watch out for next week! It’s a reverse grid on the night, so if you are driver one in your heat, you will actually start from the back, just a little fun to keep it entertaining as we get through to Christmas!

The email responses to the calendar so far have all been positive in regards to option C. This gives the committee and the members a fixed break in the summer, with the caveat that we fully appreciate every member of this club that continues to support us and if 30 people are all racing the week before and were to ask pretty please with a cherry on top can we race next week, then I’m sure as a committee we could work out laptops, food and drink, track design and support to come up with something viable.

In terms of the votes for another championship each month the voting so far stands at:
Not to happen = 1
Rally cross cars = 6
If you feel strongly about racing another class each month, NOW is your time to speak, whether that’s to vote for something like vintage or further support rally it is up to you.

If you have concerns around mashalling and having enough people if you have multiple class drivers on the night, or the lateness of another night in the month and would rather vote against it, that is also acceptable, NOW is the time to speak.

Everyone’s voice will be heard (Not literally as I’m only announcing vote numbers not sentencing you all to a 5min slot at the Christmas party!) and whatever happens I’m sure 2023 will be filled with as much fun, laughs and crashes as any normal non-covid year! 🙂

Thank you, Mark