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Results – Non-Championship Week 2

Morning All,

Results for the second non-championship week have been uploaded.

I’m glad to say that the timing loop issue was solved (Thank you, Jon) so, unfortunately, no 34-way tie this week!

The Spring-Summer Championship starts next week

Results – Week 15

Results updated for week 15.

That’s a wrap – the first championship of the year is complete – head over to the series results to see the final positions.

2 weeks of non-championship rounds now to update, fix and tweak your cars ready for the next championship starting on the 8th May.

Club news, sportsmanship

Good evening everyone, you may well need to go and get a brew for this one, but please do read it in full, the committee are working together to make sure you have as much fun at racing as possible and enjoy your respective championships without destroying cars or hurting people at our racing evenings.

Firstly I had asked everyone to give me their feedback from January onwards about whether we are happy to stay where we are (given rising costs) and continue racing on the same surface, the feedback has been that people are currently happy with where we are and while open to changes the costs of a surface change currently (motors, tyres etc) would be prohibitive. Thank you all for your feedback it helps the committee to understand what you as our racers are interested in doing while we attempt to recruit many more racers to keep your championships as/more exciting and diverse. I will continue to work on making sure we get value for money from our relationship with the hall.

So, that being said, lets get on with the heavy reading.
We trialled earlier practice sessions last month to advance the start of racing and ultimately have an earlier finish. The aim of this is to look at ways to prevent the busy night/additional heats causing a late finish and to avoid the risk of people skipping a week because of this. Your flexibility is appreciated, and the earlier practices will certainly help with busy/truck/rally nights. There are a couple of ways that you can assist us with this moving forward:
Book in as soon as possible to get a practice tag.
Pre-charge batteries, where possible, so that you can be ready to practice on arrival.

We will aim to start racing at 7:15 on busy nights so if you think you will arrive after this then please let one of the team know so that we can book you in. However, there will be no guarantee that you will get a practice session.

Alongside this change we would also like to address some driving and marshalling standards that have slipped. We want everyone to enjoy the racing we provide and remind you that it is for a championship, it is not a demolition derby or fastest to crash environment.

Race Procedures:
1/10 OR Rule 15.13: Cars can only be driven within the confines of the designated track area. The use of radios’ (including self-seeking frequency systems), to drive cars within the pits or spectator areas is not allowed unless permission is given by the Race Director. Competitors may only drive during their allotted race and then only from the platform of the drivers’ rostrum. Spectators, pit-crew or competitors (not in a race), must not interfere with the progress of any driver within a race.
FORCC Guideline:
· Cars must only be driven within the main hall on the astroturf during the driver’s allotted practice/race period (when the tracked is declared “Live”).
· Drivers must control their cars from the stage
· The track is not live in the period before the practice sessions start.
· No driving within the pit areas is permitted
· Only designated marshals can be on the track during practices/races

1/10 OR Rule 15.14: A penalty will be applied to any driver that enters or leaves the rostrum whilst a Heat or Final is in progress, unless instructed to do so by an official. Race ‘in progress’ is clarified as from:- ‘when the first car is started (all cars in Finals)’ to ‘the race is declared over’.
FORCC Guideline:
· Drivers must remain on the stage until the race is over and the track is no longer “live”
· This is the point where all drivers have crossed the finish line and cars are returned to a designated zone.

1/10 OR Rule 15.21: At the race end, when the car has passed the finish line, and the finish signal has been given, the car must pull off into the designated pull-off area, so as not to interfere with any other competitors. A driving penalty may be awarded if any car continues to circulate the track after having received the finish signal, and especially so if that car in any way interferes with a competitor still racing.
FORCC Guideline:
· As above, per the designated zone

Marshalling Requirements:
BRCA General Rule 3: All Marshals must wear Hi-Vis Vest/T-Shirt/Jacket in predominantly bright colours (black/blue varieties not permitted)

1/10 OR Rule 16.2: Penalties will be applied by the Referees for poor marshalling, late marshalling or failure to marshal, as detailed in Rules 17.10, 17. 1 and 17.12. Late marshalling is clarified as being any marshal not at the correct position when the first car leaves the Start line or Final grid (unless otherwise instructed by officials). Failure to marshal is clarified as being any marshal not at the correct position.

1/10 OR Rule 16.5/7: Marshals must have their hands free at all times & Marshals must remain at their posts until replaced.

1/10 OR Rule 16.6: Marshals must wear safe and sensible footwear that will not become detached when performing marshalling duties. (Open toed shoes or sandals are not acceptable). Anyone failing to follow this instruction will not be allowed inside the Track Confines. If suitable footwear cannot be worn, then a substitute marshal must be provided. Failure to provide suitable Marshall Cover will be subject to penalties as covered by Rule 16.2.
FORCC Guideline:
· Safe footwear/no loose clothing etc.
· Hands free at all times, no phones etc.
· Marshals be alert – no distraction from watching friend/family member/particular race battle

Marshals should endeavour to:
• Recover cars in a timely manner (marshal how you would want to be marshalled)
• Identify which direction a car was going and return it to the track correctly, including the correct side of the timing loop, if appropriate
• Return cars to the track in the appropriate order if multiple cars involved
• Be aware of other nearby track sections and verbally assist other marshals with the above points
• It is the marshals responsibility to ensure that it is safe to proceed on to the track
• Drivers will be dropped to the back of the grid if they do not marshal or get it covered before the race starts.

1/10 OR Rule 17.6: At the Referees’ discretion, penalties can be incurred for bad driving and/or corner cutting with any one of the following, depending on the severity of the offence: Official Warning, Stop-Go penalty, 5 or 10 second penalty, 1 lap penalty, disqualification. The Stop-Go penalty area must be well defined and in a position that is practical to operate. If the Referee has decided to award a Stop-Go penalty but there is insufficient race time remaining to serve the penalty (eg. last lap), the Referee will instruct the Timekeeper to adjust the race time for the driver involved to reflect a ‘served’ Stop-Go penalty.

1/10 OR Rule 17.7: The Referees’ will not give a penalty for accidental corner cutting provided sufficient time is spent stationary so that no advantage is gained (e.g., overall time)
FORCC Guideline:
• No intentional corner cutting – a -1 lap penalty
• If corner cut accidentally, drivers should pause momentarily for a period equal to the time saved by cutting the track
• If drivers knowingly miss the timing loop, a (safe) attempt should be made to cross the loop with the associated penalty of doing so. If in doubt, it’s better to recross and lose x seconds than a whole lap
• Laps will not be added at the end of the race unless it is a timing loop equipment failure (not including individual transponders)
• It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure their personal transponder is performing correctly
• Drivers causing a crash should stop and wait until the other affected car has been recovered to the track
• Drivers should not attempt overtakes/drive in a manner that would inevitably lead to a crash, when lapping slower cars or otherwise (i.e. trying to pass in a tight section of track or having a clear speed difference on the straight)
• Drivers should attempt to identify faster/lapping cars and should drive in a manner to allow clean passing, where appropriate. Appreciate that in the heat of battle, this can be difficult to track, so: Drivers could/should communicate (honestly) between themselves to allow effective lapping
• Drivers should line up on the grid in their correct position, allowing the correct distance between cars in an effort to minimise first corner incidents. If deemed necessary by a committee member we will use marshals to correct the grid and penalties for repeat offenders will be starting at the back of the grid.

1/10 OR Rule 17.15/22.7: If the body shell and/or gear cover becomes loose or falls off during a race, the car must be removed from the track until the body and/or gear cover is securely re-attached./ No cars may be raced without a body shell being securely fitted at all times
FORCC guideline:
· As per BRCA guideline

BRCA general rule 4: In the interest of safety, any battery pack(s) carried on a model car must be able to be disconnected quickly without the use of tools in an emergency. Direct soldering is not allowed.

1/10 OR Rule 25.1: Cars will be driven by cells/batteries with a nominal voltage not exceeding 7.6v, starting 1st. April 2017. The maximum charge voltage is 8.40v. Cells/batteries cannot be replaced after a race has started.

1/10 OR Rule 25.6: LiPo/LiFe drive batteries must be charged in a ‘Closed Lipo sack’ at all times. LiPo sack is defined as a receptacle designed for the purpose of charging LiPo/LiFe batteries and of a suitable construction as to contain a LiPo/LiFe fire.
FORCC Guideline:
· As per BRCA guideline but including bat boxes designed for the purpose

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, if you have any feedback obviously we are there on the night, or email or call me on 0777 558 1890.
Thank you, Mark.

Results – Week 12 & 13

Hi All,

Results for week 12 and 13 have been uploaded.

Apologies for the lack of printed results last night, the printer was out of toner. Normal service should resume next week.


Results – Week 10

Hi All,

Results for week 10 updated.

We now enter the last third of this championship and, whilst the 2WD win looks like a foregone conclusion, my ‘predict-o-matic’ shows there are several close battles going on throughout the field with less than 5 points separating drivers in some cases.

It’s just as close in the 4WD where all drivers have a good chance of getting a top 4 position…..(!)

There’s been some great races on track so let’s all keep up the effort with clean and fair racing!

Rally week next week.